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Recent Audits

This is the most current list of successfully completed Ethos Audits.

Any projects not shown on this list but are presenting an ‘Ethos’ audit are likely scams, please be careful and vigilant.

Ethos does not certify the trustworthiness or ability of the teams associated with these audited smart contracts, nor does it certify that any of these smart contracts are free of potential issues or susceptible to exploits. Issues that are evident and consistent with known EVM best practice guidelines are detailed within each individual audit report, and having an Ethos audit is in no way an endorsement of the project or the team involved.


Smart Contract Auditing

Token Audit

Single-file Solidity audits across all EVM compatible smart contract environments with comprehensive line-by-line code analysis, automated analysis, live liquidity tracking with passing Audit NFT verification

dApp Audit

Complete platform audit containing analysis of multiple file Solidity smart contracts across all EVM compatible chains, with all the features of a Token Audit with additional cyber security analysis and live DNS tracking

Instant Audit

Coming Soon

Audit NFT

NFT Verifiable Audits

Ethos Audits are accompanied by its own unique ERC721 NFT for easy on-chain audit result verification and live liquidity and cyber security tracking

Easy Platform Integration

Ethos Audit NFTs can be easily integrated within any dApp to provide users with complete audit information and live on-chain metric tracking

Ethos Token

Audit Payments

Ethos is the primary method of payment for Audit and Development services, part of which goes towards liquidity provision

Ethosystem Airdrops

Ethos Token is incorporated into Ethos projects and its partners, holders may also receive token & NFT airdrops from partners projects

LP Farming & Staking

Stake Ethos-BNB LP tokens from Pancakeswap exchange on Ethos Farming Portal. Earn ETHOS and other rewards!

Trade Ethos



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